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Substitute Teachers

Application materials

Requirements to be considered “Highly Qualified”

The “Highly Qualified” standard must be met to be considered for a position as an elementary school teacher assistant or a substitute teacher.  It is preferred for middle/high school teacher assistant positions, but not required.

To be considered “highly qualified”, you must meet one of the requirements below:

  •  A four year degree from an accredited college/university (must have a copy of your official transcripts confirming the degree) OR
  • A two year degree from an accredited college/university ( must have a copy of your official transcripts confirming the degree) OR
  • 48 SEMESTER credits from an accredited college/university:  If you earned quarter credits, you can determine the semester value by multiplying the number of credits by .67 (must have a copy of the official transcripts confirming your credits)  OR
  •  96 documented continuing education hours earned AFTER January 8, 2002 AND passing WorkKeys assessment scores on reading, writing and business writing.  Passing scores are a 4 in reading and math, and a 3 in business writing.  All this information must confirmed by official documentation from the agency which you earned the hours and took the assessments.  (WorkKeys assessments can be taken at local community colleges)  OR
  • If you met the highly qualified standards in another state, an official letter from the Public School Human Resources office is needed stating you met the “highly qualified standards”.   Wake County will review this information and determine if it meets North Carolina Highly Qualified standards.

Rates of pay

View pay scales for substitute teachers.

Application process

  • Complete the employment application. If you have a current-active application on file with Wake County Public School System you may have it cross-referenced for substitute teaching by contacting the Substitute Office (919) 858-1758.
  • Complete applications are reviewed, confidential reference checks and criminal background checks are conducted on applicants.
  • If approved for employment as a substitute teacher, the applicant is invited by letter to a New Substitute Teacher Orientation and sent a N. C. health certificate, I-9, payroll direct deposit and tax forms.
  • Upon completion of orientation, submission of the N. C. health certificate and other forms, the new substitute teacher will be keyed into the AESOP. Then the new substitute teacher may register as a new user and receive their PIN and begin substitute teaching.